MULTI-MONTI®-plus - The new MULTI-MONTI® with the big Plus

MULTI-MONTI®-plus - The new MULTI-MONTI® with the big Plus MULTI-MONTI®-plus, HECOs new screw-in anchor owed to the consequent development of the innovative concrete fastener MULTI-MONTI®.


The new generation of screw anchors MULTI-MONTI®-plus is distinguished by greater efficiency, superior strength and a wider range of applications.

The key feature of the new design is the optimised concrete thread with a larger effective surface area in concrete, which considerably increases its load-bearing capacity. Strengthened toothing on the screw tip makes the MMS-plus both easier to drive and less susceptible to wear. The larger external diameter, at both tip and load-bearing thread, ensures improved undercutting in concrete, which in turn permits higher loads.

The future standard version of the MMS-plus will be a hexagon head with fixed washer. The range also includes numerous versions and a wide choice of diameters and load classes.

A new addition to the range is a pre-set anchor, the MMS-plus V, for pre-installation and distance mounting.

HECO has put together an outstanding portfolio of approvals for the MMS-plus, which opens a wide range of applications for the user, and provides a high degree of flexibility and reliability.



Available head versions

  • Hexagon head with combined washer
  • Hexagon head with washer
  • With flange head
  • Countersunk head
  • PanHead
  • With metric stud
  • With internal metric thread
  • Pre-set anchor with metric stud

Suitable materials

The screw anchor is approved for installation in cracked and uncracked concrete. It is also suitable for a whole range of other building materials, such as:

  • Clinker
  • Natural stone (e.g. marble)
  • Sand-lime brick
  • Hollow concrete block
  • Solid brick

Other characteristics

  • Hexagon head, T-Drive
  • Hardened steel
  • Concrete thread
  • Teeth tip for better function
  • Lenghts [mm]: 35 - 320
  • Diameters [mm]: 6 – 12

The advantages at a glance


Product advantages

  • Self-tapping screw anchor
  • Optimized concrete thread with full threaded variations for highest demands
  • Two embedment depths for more flexibility
  • Wider approved assortment of products for ETA option 1 from MMS-plus 6, including seismic from Ø10 mm
  • CE according to ETA-15/0784



  • Increased product assortment and dimensions for various applications taking design and application areas into account
  • Easy settable screw anchor even in case of worn drills
  • Settable by means of power-tools and immediately loadbearing


Application examples:

Prop assemblance
Prop assemblance
Pipe mounting
Pipe mounting
Assembling of supporting props
Assembling of supporting props
Fixing of cable ducts
Fixing of cable ducts
Fixing of railing
Fixing of railing
Fixing of brackets and console bearers
Fixing of brackets and console bearers

Assembly Instructions

HECO-MULTI-MONTI-plus - Step 1
1. Drill a hole
HECO-MULTI-MONTI-plus - Step 2
2. Remove dust
HECO-MULTI-MONTI-plus - Step 3
3. Insert anchor
HECO-MULTI-MONTI-plus - Step 4
4. Finished





Produktvideo MULTI-MONTI®-plus 2
Produktvideo MULTI-MONTI®-plus