Product description

At the construction site, every bit of help is welcome, and work is much easier when you have a free hand. So having magnetic bits that hold the screw on the tool are a huge help. And what’s even better; this is now possible with stainless steel screws too. Thanks to the HECO-Drive with GripFit effect. The perfectly coordinated system works mechanically, not magnetically: The bit has a slightly conical shape, which means that the screw is held onto the bit through friction – permitting you to carry out your work easily with one hand. With HECO-ClicFix, the bit is held securely in the machine and can be quickly replaced. HD bits and T-Drive bits are both compatible with HD screws and T-Drive screws.

Your benefits

  • GripFit: One-handed working possible with steel and stainless-steel screws
  • Matching system of screws and bits
  • Better accuracy
  • Optimal force transmission
  • Less slipping
  • Can also be used with T-Drive screws (without GripFit effect)
  • Easy recognition of the bit size through colour coding

Technical data

GTIN/EAN: 4019787570954
Product number: 57095
Length, l [mm]: 25
Size of recess: HD-20
Recess: HECO-Drive
Packaged quantity: 10


The magnetic HECO-ClicFix quick change tool holder ensures a fast and easy inclusion and secure holding of the bit.
When inserting wood construction screws, there is often the problem that the guide is not ideal due to the length of the screw. Thanks to a strong ring magnet, the HECO MagicFlip securely holds even heavy screws and thus allows one-handed working. As soon as the screw is flush with the material surface, the sleeve springs back and makes the screw head visible so that the screw can be sunk deeper if necessary. To deactivate the ring magnet, the sleeve can also be pushed back manually. The MagicFlip is suitable for C 6.3 bits.