Product description

The HECO® adjustable feet are made of the high-quality hard plastic polypropylene and are used as a substructure for terrace constructions where significant unevenness needs to be compensated. The resilient and weather-resistant adjustment feet are suitable for all materials that can be used for a terrace substructure. If a terrace is created on a surface with a greater gradient, the HECO® adjustable feet are an easy and quick-to-install option for levelling out. Furthermore, the latest generation is able to compensate for slopes of up to 8% thanks to the flexible head. This saves an enormous amount of time in the otherwise very complex alignment of the contact surfaces.

Your benefits

  • The adjustable support is continuously variable over ist nominal range
  • The necessary height can be adjusted easily by turning right or left even after mounting
  • The moving head compensates for slopes of up to 8%.
  • Very good ventilation of the decking system
  • Adjustable support made of rigid plastic propylene
  • Max. Belastbarkeit je Fuß 831 kg / 8149 Newton

Technical data

GTIN/EAN: 4019787580106
Product number: 58010
Packaged quantity: 1