Product description

Countless simple and efficient timber engineering applications are possible, thanks to the comprehensive range of lengths available in the HECO-WR programme. These include timber to timber connections as main/secondary beam connections, rafter/purlin connections and flitch beams. Steel components can also be fitted to timbers with the HECO-WR for end grain connections, frame corners and wind bracings. The HECO-WR fastener is also ideal for compression reinforcement in support areas or tension reinforcement perpendicular to the grain.

Your benefits

  • Reductions in time and cost
  • Wide range of applications
  • Very high performance
  • Insertion parallel with the grain also possible
  • Installation without pre-drilling
  • No decline of load bearing capacity from 90° to 45° relative to the grain
  • Low splitting tendency = small spacings and distances

Technical data

GTIN/EAN: 4019787533379
Product number: 53337
Diameter, d [mm]: 13,0
Length, l [mm]: 600
Thread length, lg [mm]: 580
Headdiameter, dk [mm]: 22,0
Head form: countersunk head
Thread: full thread
Size of recess: T-50
Recess: T-Drive
Material: Steel, Durocoat T
Packaged quantity: 25


European technical assessment: ETA-12/0062


The HECO-PowerLock was developed for fast, safe and energy-saving insertion of long wooden building screws with a drill driver. The screw head is reliably fixed in the HECO PowerLock so that the bit cannot slip off the screw head drive. Suitable up to max. torque of 130 Nm.