Product description

The MULTI-MONTI®-plus A4 (MMS-plus A4) screw anchor is an enhancement of the MULTI-MONTI® A4 concrete screw. It is driven directly into a predrilled hole without a dowel and has load-bearing strength right from the word go. The reinforced toothing on the screw tip cuts an internal thread in the material during insertion. This creates a positive locking connection, which is subsequently used for the anchoring. This not only facilitates the installation procedure, but also guarantees the craftsman a high level of application safety. The MULTI-MONTI®-plus A4 concrete screw can be driven in close to the edge and without a torque wrench and is completely removable.

Your benefits

  • The screw anchor with maximum ease of installation
  • Optimised concrete thread for powerful anchoring
  • Two embedment depths for more flexibility
  • Increased product assortment and for various applications
  • Available in stainless steel A4 1.4401, stainless steel HCR 1.4529 on request
  • Phosphated functional tip ensures a reliable undercut of the concrete
  • Approved and monitored product for cracked and non-cracked concrete

Technical data

GTIN/EAN: 4019787566193
Product number: 56619
Diameter of clearance hole in the fixture, df [mm]: 12
Embedment, hnom reduced [mm]: 75/60
Embedment, hnom standard [mm]: 70
Empfohlene max. Leistungsabgabe des Schlagschraubers, Tmax2 [Nm]: 250
Min. edge distance, cmin [mm]: 35
Mindestbauteildicke, hmin [mm]: 100
Minimal thickness of concrete member, hmin2 [mm]: 115
Recommended max. power output of the impact screw driver, Tmax1 [Nm]: 250
Diameter, d [mm]: 10,0
Length, l [mm]: 85
Thread length, lg [mm]: 68
Headdiameter, dk [mm]: 19,5
Clamping strength, tfix standard [mm]: 15
Clamping strength, tfix reduced [mm]: 10/25
Drill diameter, d0 [mm]: 8
Drill hole depth, h standard [mm]: 80
Drill hole depth, h reduced [mm]: 85/70
Head form: hexagon head with combined washer
Thread: concrete thread
Size of recess: SW-13
Recess: hexagon head
Material: Stainless steel A4, self-colour
Packaged quantity: 25


European technical assessment: ETA-15/0784
Fire-resistance rating: F120/R120
Sprinkler-approval: Yes