Achim Carstanjen takes over management

‘Through our succession plan, we ensure that the values of our family business are maintained even after my brother Stefan and I retire. For this reason, we have identified and chosen a suitable and experienced successor,’ explained Guido Hettich (64), ‘We are convinced that Achim Carstanjen will excel at steering the company and developing its performance very well in close cooperation with our Swiss partner SFS.’ Achim Carstanjen (54) has many years of experience in managing medium-sized companies in the automotive and construction supply industries. ‘Product quality and business ethics are paramount at HECO, the innovation leader in the fastening industry. I am committed to ensuring that this culture continues to be fostered and strengthened as a basis for healthy business growth,’ said Achim Carstanjen.

Guido Hettich joined the family business in 2006 as the second managing director and led the company together with his brother Stefan, who switched from the management board to the advisory board in 2018. Guido Hettich will still be responsible for important projects and the production site in Romania until the end of 2020 and will then join the advisory board as the second representative of the Hettich family shareholders.

The previous and the new managing director: Guido Hettich and Achim Carstanjen, who will be managing the business in Schramberg from 1 July 2019.

From 1 July 2019, Achim Carstanjen will be responsible for the Schramberg site as man-aging director of HECO.

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