DACH+HOLZ 2020: HECO presents new wood screw HECO-TOPIX®-plus

The screw HECO-TOPIX®-plus combines the tried-and-tested selling points of the HECO fasteners in a single screw, thereby replacing four established screw families. The company’s innovation skills are clear from the new “GripFit” property of the bit which holds even stainless steel screws securely in place. From June 2020 the screws HECO-TOPIX®-plus will be launched successively.

Up to now, the screw requirements of carpenters and joiners have been met by numerous different screw families. The HECO-TOPIX®-plus replaces the previous HECO-TOPIX®, HECO-FIX-plus®, HECO-UNIX-top and HECO-UNIX-plus wood screws and combines the most important properties of these four ranges in a single product. These properties have now been optimised and expanded to include new innovative features such as the HECO-Drive (HD). As a result, the new screw is suitable for an extremely wide range of applications – both for wood and façade construction and for kitchen and interior fittings. Special screws such as those used to fasten soft insulating materials in roof construction applications have also been moved to the new range.

Three HECO technologies combined in a single screw
The tried-and-tested selling points of HECO-Schrauben include countersunk heads with undercut cutting pockets, HECO-TOPIX® thread and shank ribs or the variable thread pitch and its ability to draw components together. Installers using the new screw will continue to benefit from this contraction effect property referred to as the “MagicClose” effect. With its different thread pitches and the HD drive concept with “GripFit”, the HECO-TOPIX®-plus also boasts some new beneficial properties designed to ensure more simple use.

New innovations allowing installers to focus on the essentials
The new HECO-TOPIX®-plus means simpler screw selection and clearer stocktaking, whether at the specialist dealer’s premises or the end customer’s. “One screw for everything – this approach allows us to meet the requirements of both the installers and the specialist dealers”, says Jakob Braun, Product Manager at HECO-Schrauben. “The HECO-TOPIX®-plus can impress over a very wide field of application, because it combines optimal properties and the results of our decades of innovation expertise”.

As well as the three most important properties, the new wood screw has additional features that make it particularly user-friendly: thanks to the new, uniform drive size concept, different screw types can be installed without having to change the bit. The HECO-TOPIX®-plus is available as a full or part-threaded screw in diameters ranging from 2.5 to 10 millimetres, and with the HECO-Drive, Pozi-Drive and T-Drive drives.

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