Kitchen installation made easy

With their new, high-quality kitchen, a dream has come true for a family from Rottenburg. In order to make sure that they’d be able to enjoy their new space for as long as possible, they were keen to have their kitchen installed professionally by a carpenter. And because this carpenter used the new HECO-TOPIX-plus screw, they can rest assured that the new kitchen is of a premium quality right down to the smallest detail.

Lots of people dream of owning their own home. But when tradesmen become homeowners, this dream is often accompanied by a lot of stress. At the end of the day, a lot of the work can be carried out independently, filling up weekends and evenings for months on end. This was the case for a homeowner from Rottenburg, an experienced carpenter who ended up getting stuck in to the work himself in consultation with the supplier of his prefabricated house. Casting the base plate, laying sewage channels and cable ducts, plastering walls and fitting flooring and tiles – the schedule had no room for delay, and liaising with the subsequent trades proved rather complex. Nevertheless, carrying out the majority of the work himself did save a lot of money. But despite his manual skills, there was one job that the homeowner decided to hand over to someone else: the kitchen installation. Having a beautiful open kitchen adjacent to the living room/dining area was something that the whole family had dreamt of. “We use our kitchen every day. It’s the heart of our home, and we want it to be in just as good a condition in 25 years as the first day it was installed – and this requires a high level of quality when it comes to the choice of furniture and the installation. I was in no doubt whatsoever that I’d want to hire a professional here”, explains the homeowner.

Taking time for the design
The kitchen has a u-shaped layout and is open to the living room, creating a large area where the family can all be together while cooking. There’s no extractor hood suspended over the hob. Instead, the hob comes with integrated extraction. The cream-coloured fronts with pearl effect give the high-quality cupboards and drawers a subtle sheen. A large worktop made from Nero Assoluto, a dark granite stone, also provides an attractive contrast and plenty of space. To give the kitchen an even more individual touch, the carpenter assigned with the installation, Schreinerei Huber from Geisingen, added an oak veneer to the panels to match the kitchen floor, meaning that they fit in harmoniously with the living area. This was something that the quality-conscious homeowner really appreciated when fitting the furniture: “The carpenter installing the kitchen took a particularly long time to precisely align the carcasses. This will ensure that oil can spread evenly around a pan rather than pooling in one corner”. The foundations for unlimited cooking fun had been laid. And if it saves time for other installation work, even better.

Saving time with the HECO-TOPIX-plus
The furniture was screwed together in less time: “The quality of the HECO-TOPIX-plus screws was excellent, and they were great to work with in every respect”, says carpenter Hubert Maier, who was working with the new HECO product for the very first time. “The bit fits really well onto the screw head, making it easy to operate the cordless screwdriver even when working overhead – and with just one hand too”, he explains, describing the GripFit effect. The precise shape that holds the screw onto the bit is the result of high-precision and high-quality production by HECO, and helps to save time during installation. Screws can be driven in even in difficult locations – with no predrilling and no risk of the wood splitting and damaging the high-quality surface finish. This is particularly advantageous at mounting points that are close to the edge.

Full thread draws components together
The carpenter also benefited from the screw’s MagicClose effect when screwing together the 16-mm-thick carcass walls. MagicClose relates to the drawing together of the components by the screw thread. As a full-threaded screw with variable thread pitch, it has one key advantage compared to a conventional part-threaded screw: the thread of the HECO-TOPIX-plus is longer, which prevents overtightening. Components are drawn together even by short screws such as those used here measuring 4.0 x 30 mm.

Making work fun with HECO
After a few hours, all of the kitchen furniture was installed. The professional carpenter was very impressed after using the HECO-TOPIX-plus for the first time, and said that he would definitely use them again for his next contracts. At the end of the day, quality at work is a top priority for him. And this is also the case for the homeowner, who is delighted that his kitchen is of the highest quality right down to the smallest detail, and who is looking forward to many years of cooking enjoyment. The experienced carpenter will probably be trying out the HECO-TOPIX-plus for himself soon too. And even though the house build is now complete – the next DIY project is no doubt just around the corner.

A clean result: the HECO-TOPIX-plus tip means that there is no need for any predrilling. The cutting pockets on the screw head allow for a flush finish with no surface flaking.

Schreinerei Huber used the new HECO product, the HECO-TOPIX-plus, to fit the kitchen furniture.

The HECO-TOPIX-plus is easy to work with: the carpenter can easily screw in the screw overhead and with just one hand.

When it came to the kitchen, the homeowner was keen to use high-quality materials and have the installation performed by a professional.

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