Now interactive: The new product catalogue

Whether printed or digital: The new HECO product catalogue provides a wide range of information. The integrated QR codes can be used to access clear product and assembly videos on YouTube for a large number of different screws. The new products are specially indicated in the 230-page reference book, making them even quicker to find.

The HECO product catalogue shows the different application options for the various fasteners, and helps specialist dealers and professional installers to choose the right fasteners. The integration of QR codes in the new edition of the catalogue also provides useful added value: In the printed version, scanning the code using a QR code reader on a tablet or smartphone takes the user directly to the HECO YouTube channel, containing a range of clear product and assembly instruction videos. A video symbol indicates that there is a video for the item in question. And it’s even quicker in the PDF version: Simply clicking on the QR code will take the user directly to the video channel.

Another practical feature is the linking of the digital product catalogue with the “HECO-Data-View” online service. Clicking on the item number in the PDF will open a browser window, and the user will receive comprehensive, up-to-date information on the selected item, such as product characteristics and technical data sheets. With these interactive elements, specialist consultants, carpenters and joiners will be able to find the right product even more easily.

Find new products with ease

In order to give users a quick overview of the new HECO products, these are specifically highlighted in the product catalogue, whether in the table of contents with the new-product symbol or in the new “Timber Construction Special” chapter featuring all of the new products. With a clear structure and colour-coding to identify the individual product groups, it’s very easy to navigate through the 230 pages of the catalogue. As well as the colour-coding system, screws are also easy to find using the brief descriptions and illustrations.

The printed version of the 2018 HECO product catalogue is available in German, English, French and Dutch, and can be requested for free right away by sending an email to The digital version of the catalogue is also available for direct download in all four languages. Click here for PDF version!

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