Personnel changes at HECO-Schrauben: Stefan Hettich joins the Advisory Board

Having jointly managed the company with his brother for twelve years, Stefan Hettich is withdrawing from operational management, leaving Guido Hettich to subsequently become the sole Managing Director on 1 October 2018. "The departure of Stefan Hettich from the Executive Board sees the end of an era. For several decades, he has played a major role in shaping the company's track record of success - and he leaves HECO in an excellent position to face the challenges ahead", said Guido Hettich.

Joining the Advisory Board
Stefan Hettich is handing over management to his younger brother Guido, in order to have more time for family and personal commitments. However, as a member of the Advisory Board and representative of the Hettich family shareholders, he will continue to exert a decisive influence on the success of the enterprise. He had this to say on joining the Advisory Board: "In terms of structure and personnel, HECO is in an excellent position to continue the successes of recent years. After 43 years, I am happy to hand over my responsibilities as Managing Director and still be able to maintain an active role in the development of the company through membership of the Advisory Board."

Fond farewell
An in-house ceremony was held at the end of September, during which the entire workforce bid a fond farewell to their "captain", Stefan Hettich, as he was warmly described during one of the many speeches. As well as numerous gifts, the much valued company director was particularly delighted with a moving, ten-minute video message from his employees expressing their gratitude and best wishes for the future. And during subsequent refreshments, everyone got the chance to have a final chat with their principal and personally shake his hand and wish him well.

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