HECO HCS 4.0 calculation software updated – shear reinforcement planning and verification

Schramberg, February 2020 – The HCS 4.0 calculation software from HECO provides evidence of connections that conform to the approval and is part of the free service provided by the fastening specialist HECO-Schrauben. What is new is the expansion of the HECO calculation software to include the shear reinforcement module with HECO-WB threaded rods.

According to ETA-19/0129, the HECO-WB threaded rod is approved for use for thrust and pressure amplification as well as strengthening transverse shear. The HECO calculation software (HCS) dimensioning program now also maps this field of application. It boasts one big advantage for planners: with the HCS calculations, they receive proof of the safe use of the fasteners and get solutions for challenging construction tasks with just a few clicks. For example, planners can increase the shear load capacity of unreinforced wooden beams by up to 30% by using the HECO-WB.

Because the calculation software eliminates the need to look up standard tables and incorporate them into eurocodes, users save time and money during planning. Users are guided through the programme in a self-explanatory manner. Here they can choose between six different main modules, for example dowel, facade or timber dimensioning. The program even maps applications not regulated by eurocodes, such as support and transverse reinforcements, notchings and over-rafter insulation for compression-proof and soft insulation.

Free download
The updated HECO Calculation Software HCS 4.0 is available in seven languages. You can now download your free copy at www.heco-schrauben.com under the menu item "Service" or request a copy on CD-ROM. Once installed, you can set the program to update automatically. Clicking the YouTube button takes you to helpful application videos and under the menu item "News", you will find all the latest information on trade fairs and training courses at the HECO Academy.

In the shear reinforcement module, planners and tradesmen can calculate the optimal use of the threaded rod HECO-WB and have proof provided.