HECO MULTI-MONTI-plus screw anchor celebrates its 25th birthday - now also available in A4 stainless steel

Schramberg, Germany, June 2020 – The HECO MULTI-MONTI-plus screw anchor is celebrating its 25th birthday – and at the same time adding a stainless steel version to the range! This variant makes the assembly fitting suitable even for particularly demanding weather conditions. It also joins the ranks of screw anchors with the most approvals.

HECO launched its MULTI-MONTI-plus screw anchor, a multifunctional mounting system, 25 years ago. Low driving torque, expansion-free connections and approvals for cracked and uncracked concrete as well as masonry make the MULTI-MONTI-plus one of the most versatile screw anchors today.

Stainless steel screw anchor

Extremely difficult weather conditions place high demands particularly on fasteners. ‘The new addition to the range – MULTI-MONTI-plus in A4 stainless steel grade – is proving to be a safe solution here. Be it for fastening railings, post holders, awnings, solar systems or fireplaces’, says Frank Hofer, product manager at HECO-Schrauben. The use of the MULTI-MONTI-plus stainless steel variant in cracked and uncracked concrete is regulated in ETA 15/0784 Option 1.

Its extra-hard black phosphated BlackCut function tip, for example, offers some special advantages such as an optimal undercut, better positioning and low insertion torque. This allows the screw anchor to be anchored securely.

Specifically for transport infrastructure, and for use in tunnel structures in particular, the MULTI-MONTI-plus is also available in HCR stainless steel.

A complete range for almost any application

The complete MMS-plus range, in stainless steel and galvanized versions, is the largest approved screw anchor range with diameters of 6 to 20 millimetres. The 10- to 20-millimetre variants also have seismic approval. In particular, the approvals also cover use in masonry under fire load. Furthermore, MULTI-MONTI-plus is also approved for use in solid lime sand brick, perforated lime sand brick, and lightweight concrete. General type approval Z-2.1-2103 is available for anchoring in masonry. With these properties, HECO’s fastening solution, which has been tried and tested for 25 years, is suitable for a particularly wide range of mounting types.

Fixing of metal consoles is a practical application which is now a new option for the screw-in anchor and covered by the new assessment.

The MMS-plus screw anchor in A4 stainless steel is ideally suited for outdoor use and can withstand even the most severe weather con-ditions.