HECO screw anchors for multiple use

The Schramberg screw specialist HECO has obtained a modified and extended general construction technique permission (aBG) from the DIBt (German Institute of Building Technology) for the multiple use of screw anchors in temporary fastenings. The new aBG regulates the use of screw anchor types MULTI-MONTI® with 16-mm diameters and MULTI-MONTI®-plus with 10, 12, 16 and 20-mm diameters in particularly thin concrete slabs with a component thickness of just 180 mm. The transmissible loads have also been increased thanks to the screw anchors.

"With this new general construction technique permission, we offer our users an extremely flexible and cost-efficient solution for temporary fastenings, in both indoor and outdoor environments", explained Andreas Heck, head of product management for concrete at HECO. “The application options for the screw anchors have once again been significantly extended due to the approval of concrete slabs with thicknesses from 180 mm, and the improved design resistance means that the screw anchors are also ideally suited for the assembly of finished concrete parts. The new aBG opens up significant benefits, in particular in the area of multi-storey building construction with low ceiling thicknesses.

Depending on the particular application, the same screw anchor can be used multiple times  – as many as ten times or even more in young concrete”. Other advantages of these concrete screws, in addition to their suitability for multiple use, include the ability to start using them as soon as the concrete has reached a compressive strength of 10 N/mm², which saves a huge amount of time.  The approved screw anchors are particularly recommended for use in the concrete construction sector, e.g. for the fastening of push-pull props for formwork or finished concrete parts.

Other applications include safety railings or the temporary installation of supply lines on building sites – the HECO screw anchor range with building authority approval is extremely wide ranging. "We offer screw anchors for multiple use with a full range of different head types to cover numerous applications", said Heck.

Reliable planning and implementation
The use of the screw anchors is easy and saves time. "The approval prescribes the loads that then apply to all load directions. This enables quick and easy determination of the required anchor diameter", explained product manager Heck. There is no longer any need for individual calculations because the approval already specifies the necessary component thicknesses and minimum distances.

Depending on the diameter of the screw anchor, holes of 14 mm (for Ø 16), 10 mm (for Ø 12) or 8 mm (for Ø 10) must be drilled. Moving the drill in and out of the drill hole several times should be enough to remove any residual drill dust, so there is no need to blow out the drill hole as well. The anchor can subsequently be screwed into the hole quickly using a tangential impact wrench.

It is also easy for contractors to establish whether the anchor is suitable for reuse using a gauge that is available in the HECO range and which is also covered by the approval. The gauge is simply pushed onto the anchor. If the anchor is fully covered by the gauge and not protruding from the front end, it may be used again.

The HECO gauge means that the MULTI-MONTI-plus can be tested with regard to suitability for reuse when being used in temporary fastenings.

The reusable screw anchor for secure and time-saving assembly .