MULTI-MONTI®-plus: new HECO screw anchor with ETA assessment

MULTI-MONTI®-plus is a result of the systematic further development of HECO's original screw anchor, which is reflected in the technical optimisation of the range and its expansion to include numerous versions, sizes, embedment depths and load classes. As well as satisfying the highest approval standards, the product now offers a considerably higher load-bearing capacity, particularly in the case of tensile loads in cracked concrete. The new screw anchor is therefore suited to all applications that involve high loads – such as high-bay/plant construction or the fixing of pipelines and railings. The MMS-plus version is extremely easy to work with and less susceptible to wear. 

New technical design

With its innovative design, the screw anchor offers even greater performance and ease of installation and makes the new features mentioned above possible. The core diameter of the self-tapping screw anchor has been reduced in order to enhance drive performance, even if this hits reinforcements and drill wear is present. At the same time, the outer diameter of the strengthened thread has been increased, which provides a larger surface area in concrete resulting in a higher load-bearing capacity. The optimised screw tip, with its stronger toothed thread and larger outer diameter, now also delivers a considerably improved undercut in concrete. As always, the MMS-plus screw anchor ensures low driving torque and a connection free of expansion pressure. The quality product is easy to recognise thanks to its unique "MMS+" head marking. Highest safety standards for greater versatility HECO has put together an outstanding portfolio of approvals for the MMS-plus. The new screw anchor range has been awarded assessment ETA-15/0784 for cracked and uncracked concrete. This includes the use of concrete screws with two embedment depths per diameter. This means that, depending on application and screw-in depth, a single screw type can now be used to handle different tensile loads and fixture thicknesses. Furthermore, the MMS-plus is also approved for use under seismic impact up to performance category C1. For contractors, these technical advances open up a whole new world of application and construction options with a high degree of safety – not to mention that the higher load-bearing capacity also means fewer mounting points, which in turn leads to big savings in terms of material and time.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Wide range of models, diameters and load classes
  • Wide range of approvals for greater versatility and safety
  • Smallest screw anchor with 5 mm drill diameter and Option 1 approval
  • In some cases, considerably higher loads in cracked and uncracked concrete for sizes 6 / 7.5 / 10 and 12 mm
  • Additional load class per diameter
  • Well-rounded load portfolio thanks to the addition of small embedment depths (35 mm) for screw anchors with diameters of 6 and 7.5 mm
  • Suitable for use under seismic impact for diameters 10 mm (max. embedment depth: 65 mm) and 12 mm (embedment depth: 75 and 90 mm)
  • No torque control during installation
  • Quick and easy installation with standard tangential impact wrench

Optimised concrete thread with a larger effective surface area, superior strength and a wide portfolio of approvals – these are the key features of the new MULTI-MONTI®-plus screw anchor generation from HECO.

With its huge selection of models and sizes, the MULTI-MONTI®-plus from HECO is the widest range of screw anchors currently on the market, which opens up a broad spectrum of applications for the user and provides a high degree of flexibility and reliability.

Thanks to its technically innovative design and wide range of approvals, the latest generation of MULTI-MONTI®-plus screw anchors can be used for an impressive array of applications, such as fixing assembly rails or supporting props.

The latest generation of MULTI-MONTI®-plus screw anchors opens up a whole new world of application and construction options for contractors, such as the fixing of wall brackets or push-pull props.