New HECO-PowerLock insertion tool

Specifications in the field of structural timber construction often require extremely long screws with large diameters to be used. It is particularly difficult to secure these screws to the component. Repeated slipping of the bit can lead to destruction of the screws head making it no longer being able to be inserted because of excessive wear on the head. HECO, the Schramberg-based fastening specialist, has found the solution for this: the practical HECO-PowerLock accessory enables the insertion of wood screws quickly and safely – in any working position and with no need for other aids.

Simply lock the screw head
The HECO-PowerLock insertion tool is a bit holder with a locking sleeve and is simply placed on the screwing device. To fit a timber construction screw, the operator first places it on the bit and then slides the locking sleeve over the screw head. This secures the screw firmly in the bit without having to be held by the fitter or a second person. The locking mechanism prevents the bit from slipping, reducing wear and tear on the bit and the screw head. The fastener can then be effortlessly screwed into the wood. It is simply a case of keeping up the torque. As soon as the HECO-PowerLock touches the working surface, the lock is released, the sleeve recoils and presents a clear view of the insertion point. This allows the screw to be countersunk or mounted flush with the surface.

See the new HECO-PowerLock insertion tool in action on the HECO YouTube channel at

Precise positioning of the bit
The operator sets the bit with a projection of 28.5 millimetres for HECO 10-millimetre diameter countersunk screws; a projection of 27.0 millimetres is needed for HECO 13-millimetre diameter countersunk screws. Adjusting/clamping screws on the bit holder ensure precise positioning of the bit.

HECO-PowerLock can be used together with standard drill bits with hexagon socket and an 11.5 key width. Bits with T-Drive T-40 and T-50 drives also fit.

HECO-PowerLock, the screwdriver attachment for quick and safe insertion of long timber con-struction screws.

After placing the screw on the bit, the operator slides the HECO-PowerLock sleeve over the screw head.

When the sleeve is pushed forward, it locks the screw head so that it is firmly seated on the bit.

When the HECO-PowerLock reaches the surface, the locking mechanism is released and the sleeve recoils showing the head of the screw.