New update available for HECO® Calculation Software HCS Planning aid 4.0

Precise calculations for countless application options
Since its launch a decade ago, the modular calculation software HECO®-HCS has proven countless times to be the ideal tool for production engineers, structural engineers and craftsmen alike and helps users in the fields of timber construction and dowel technology find the right product quickly and easily. Subject to continual expansion and optimisation, the software is always state of the art and Version 4.0 is based on the current standards and codes of practice, enabling the cost-efficient planning of connections and reinforcements with part-threaded and full-threaded screws and screw anchors. The program offers a total of six theme modules – from anchor design and railing fixings over on-rafter insulation and uplift verification through to timber construction and façade calculation – enabling users to perform the necessary calculations for a wide range of applications in just a few simple steps.  

Quick and easy planning of material requirements
The HECO software offers its "Anchor Design" module for the verification of load-bearing anchors. Within the context of the ETA-15/0784 approval for cracked and non-cracked concrete, the MULTI-MONTI®-plus product range has been added so that users can now also calculate which screws are suitable subject to seismic loading, modified distance mounting or two embedment depths per diameter. A clear, interactive user interface facilitates input of the relevant project data. And if individual parameters are changed, users have an immediate overview of the updated results. Thanks to the program's dynamic calculation option with 3D graphics, users have a clear overview of the load values of the respective screw anchor and are able to quickly and easily select the right product for the task.  

User-friendly planning aid
As with the previous versions, the HECO®-HCS 4.0 offers a user-friendly planning aid. Users are guided through a clear and intuitive program interface, shown how to perform verifiable calculations and given reliable instructions on the correct execution of the assembly work. Taking into account the pertinent approvals, the software calculates which screw type is suitable for the selected application. And based on its dynamic calculations, it then evaluates which screw type, and in which size and quantity, offers the most cost-effective solution. The clearly arranged results pages and printouts with 3D images also serve as a verifiable structural analysis plan and basis for calculation.  

Comprehensive service
The new HECO Calculation Software HCS 4.0 is available in seven languages. You can now download your free copy at under the menu item "Service" or request a copy on CD-ROM. Once installed, further updates are automatic. Other useful features: The new version now offers the option of viewing helpful application videos by simply hitting the YouTube button. Under the menu item "News", you will find all the latest information on trade fairs and training courses at the HECO Academy.

A new and improved Version 4.0 of the tried and tested calculation software from HECO is now available. With the HECO®-HCS 4.0, users can precisely calculate timber and dowel connections in just a few steps.

In addition to the tried and tested MULTI-MONTI®, production engineers and craftsmen can now quickly and easily calculate their application requirements for the new screw anchor generation, MULTI-MONTI®-plus.