Theisenkopf mountain hut gets a fresh wood look HECO supports renovation

From the idea to complete restorationFriedrich Münkle, secretary of the local Black Forest Association, is a qualified machine fitter and vocational educator. As man-in-charge of the renovation project, he initially just wanted to renew the outer and inner cladding of the hut with indigenous Douglas fir boards. However, it transpired that the wet weather had also seriously damaged the timber frame over the years, making it necessary to replace the damaged beams and cover the sandstone foundations with a copper sheet to enable the laying of a wooden floor. In addition, the hut was given a new wooden stairway leading to the two upper floors. This work was performed by a local plumber and carpenter with the assistance of the hike organiser. Friedrich Münkle undertook the remaining work himself – all in all taking nearly 18 months until completion. 

HECO lends its support with 2,000 stainless steel screws
Since he carried out the majority of tasks entirely unaided, Friedrich Münkle was at pains to use ultra reliable materials that were easy to work with. Based on previous successful experiences, he opted for HECO screws. Due to its close regional ties, HECO agreed to support the preservation of this cultural object and sponsored the renovation of the inner and outer cladding to the tune of 2,000 screws. Here the choice fell on the HECO-TOPIX stainless steel part-threaded screw with countersunk head as it is resistant to corrosion and guarantees an ultra-secure connection of façade boards and counter battens.

Vertigo fades away thanks to simple installation
For the outer wall, Friedrich Münkle used wedge tongue and groove profiled boards that needed to be secured at the dizzy height of eight metres, so he was extremely grateful that HECO-TOPIX enabled the quick and easy installation of the façade boards. Thanks to the design of the screw, there was no need for predrilling as the TOPIX tip with cutting ribs reduces wood splitting – thus enabling the boards to be securely fastened close to the edge. Friedrich Münkle was even able to fasten long boards with lengths of up to four and half metres securely with little effort. He benefited here from the high thread pitch of the HECO-TOPIX screw which facilitates quick driving. The countersunk head with cutting ribs for securing the façade boards to the substructure and the T-Drive which ensures optimised force transmission were equally beneficial.

Attractive exterior, cosy interior
The interior of the hut and the hut's upper room are now a joy to behold: cladding with bevelled smooth-edge boards made of Douglas fir provide a fresh appear-ance. The screws are only visible where intended as, thanks to the countersunk head, they are flush with the wood, thus enabling concealed installation on the exterior. All in all, Friedrich Münkle installed a total of 2,000 HECO-TOPIX stainless steel part-threaded screws for the interior and exterior in three different lengths: 35, 60 and 100 mm.
Completely renovated and rejuvenated, only the few remaining original clapboards on the northwest side bear witness to the fact that the Theisenkopf mountain hut has nestled in the Black Forest for very many years. A new table and seating area will soon be added to the upper room to round off the renovation work. The Theisenkopf mountain hut will thus be ready just in time for the new hiking season with its fresh wood look and attractive red and white paintwork, and will no doubt once again prove a major attraction for hikers from near and afar.



Draughty holes in the outer wall and brittle clapboards made the renovation of the Theisenkopf mountain hut an urgent necessity.

Friedrich Münkle of the Black Forest Asso-ciation secured boards of up to four and a half metres in length.

It took Friedrich Münkle some eighteen months to complete the interior and exterior cladding of the hut.

The new façade boards made of Douglas fir give the hut a fresh appearance. The work required a total of 2,000 HECO screws.