The invisible fastener for wooden or composite terrace flooring without grooves

The HECO®-Clipperset facilitates quick installation with a homogeneous joint profile. It is suitable for hidden fastening of wooden and WPC decking boards without groove. In the process, the clippers are aligned on the underside of the decking board and fastened with stainless steel HECO-TOPIX®-Clipper screws. Then the decking board is turned over and fastened to the substructure at the clipper's mounting points. Approximately 15 HECO®-Clippers are required per m2 With integrated spacers, the clipper set creates an even joint profile and additionally ensures sufficient rear ventilation of the contact surfaces. Using the HECO®-Clipperset, decking boards from 120 up to 150 mm in width can be installed. Thanks to the indirect installation, the boards are able to swell and shrink in any direction.

If you plan your decking, please note the mounting height of the clipper of 15 mm.



50 pcs. HECO®-Clipper 120 – 150 mm
150 pcs. HECO-TOPIX®-Clipper screws 4,0 x 25 mm (board thicknesses 20 – 24 mm)
100 pcs. HECO-TOPIX®-Clipper screws 4,0 x 30 mm (board thicknesses 20 – 24 mm)
Article no. 49773

The advantages at a glance




  • Invisible fastener including HECO-TOPIX®-stainless steel screws, no screws in surface of floor boards
  • Constructive wood protection, no wood on wood, enabling optimal ventilation of decking
  • Spacers between the boards (5 mm), fast mounting with even layout
  • Adjustable board sizes from 120 – 150mm
  • Locking pin enables easy mounting
  • Waxing and waning of boards in each direction is possible
  • Quick dismantling of construction without damage – ideal for rented housing (moving)


HECO-TOPIX®-Clipper screws

HECO-TOPIX®-Clipper screws with pan head and T-drive recess for perfect fit

Diameters of 4,0 mm, lengths of 25 and 30mm

Stainless steel in A2-quality

Assembly Instructions

Place the first board upside down on the substructure. Adjust the HECO®-Clipper to the width of the board and fasten it by means of the HECO-TOPIX®-Clipper screws
Clipperset Step 2
Turn the board round and fix the Clipper to the substructure through the two still visible holes.
Place the remaining boards upside down inthe correct position on the substructure.
Mark the position of the HECO®-Clippers on the boards.
Adjust the HECO®-Clippers to the width of the boards and fix them with the provided HECO-TOPIX®-Clipper screws.
Turn the boards round and insert the Clippers as far as they will go into the already mounted fastening of the prefixed board, then fasten the Clipper to the substructure.





Produktvideo Clipperset Montage