Decking glidersets

HECO®-Decking glidersets

The full packet for quick and simple fastening of deckings

Using the HECO®-Decking g this system ensures even board spacing, good aesthetics, secure fastening and a significant saving of time. The HECO®-Decking glider is inserted into the groove of the decking board and screwed to the substructure with just one HECO-TOPIX®-Decking glider screw. Thus, glider by glider, installers can lay the boards in just a few steps and using very few mounting points. The decking surface remains unscathed and the fastening is barely visible in the decking gaps. The plastic gliders eliminate the need for additional spacers as they automatically space the boards. This gives the decking surface an even appearance. The decking gliders create distance between the boards and the substructure, which keeps the timber structure adequately back-vented and enhances durability.


Glider set with centerpieces

Glider set with centerpieces

Assortment of HECO® decking glidersets in plastic boxes:

Small decking glider set with centerpieces
30 x Decking glider centrepieces
30 x HECO-TOPIX decking glider screw
Article no. 48715

Large decking set with centerpieces
80 x Decking glider centrepieces
80 x HECO-TOPIX decking glider screw
1 x Bit HECO-Drive (Recess: HD-20)
Article no. 48716

Decking glider set with edge pieces

Decking glider set with edge pieces

Small decking set with edge pieces
30 x Decking glider edge pieces
30 x HECO-TOPIX decking edge screw
Article no. 48717

Deckings of approximately 7m² and 2m² and can be achieved when using the articles with art.-nr: 48716 + 48715 <br/>and a standard board width (app. 14.6cm)

The advantages at a glance


Decking gliders for grooved decking boards

  • Even spacings of decking boards automatically achieved
  • Ventilation of boards (better durability)
  • Easy assembling with HECO-TOPIX decking glider screw
  • One screw per fixture (less fastenings)





Decking glider screw

  • HECO-TOPIX®-Decking glider screw with cylindrical head
  • Diameter of 4,5 mm, length 50 mm
  • Stainless steel in A2-quality
  • HECO-Drive HD-20 (stick-fit effect even in screws made of stainless steel)
  • The cylindrical head tuned to match the system fits neatly between the decking boards


Weather resistant packaging in plastic boxes

  • Two sizes of packaging; 30 or 80 pieces per packing unit
  • Sets of screws and decking gliders, units of 80 pieces per box with included HD-20 bit
  • Including laying instructions

Assembly Instructions

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