HECO - Decking spacers

HECO®-Decking spacers

Homogeneous pattern of joints even with bent decking boards.

If decking boards are laid without spacers it is recommended to use temporary spacers which are removed later. Depending on the type of wood and the amount of humidity in the boards the joints have to be made to permit movement of the decking and still maintain acceptable optics when being used. Units of HECO®-Decking Spacers consist of three different sized spacers to enable various sizes of gaps. For joints of 3, 5 and 7mm 8 spacers of the required size are included in a plastic box. Thus decking can be laid from different points at same time.


HECO®-Decking spacers

  • The colouring of the spacers avoid making mistakes by taking the wrong sized spacers when laying the decking boards
  • The form of the spacers avoids them slipping between the boards and disappearing into the gaps
  • Even when held tightly the spacers can be removed easily thanks to the handle
  • The edges of the spacers are chamfered to avoid pressure dents on the surface of the decking

HECO®-Decking spacers in plastic box
8 pcs. x 3 mm (blue spacers)
8 pcs. x 5 mm (red spacers)
8 pcs. x 7 mm (yellow spacers)
Article no. 49774


Application examples:

HECO®-Decking spacers
HECO®-Decking spacers

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