HECO®-PowerLock screw holder

Secure hold for wood construction screws

The HECO-PowerLock insertion tool is a bit holder with a locking sleeve and is simply placed on the screwing device. To fit a timber construction screw, the operator first places it on the bit and then slides the locking sleeve over the screw head. This secures the screw firmly in the bit without having to be held by the fitter or a second person. 


HECO®-PowerLock construction screw holder

  • Prevents the bit from slipping off the screw head
  • Enables gentle insertion
  • Allows quick and safe installation
  • Suitable for HECO-WR-T Ø13 mm and HECO-TOPIX countersunk screws Ø10 mm
  • Max. torque 130 Nm                                                                                                  


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