HECO-UNIX - The fully threaded screw with contraction effect

HECO-UNIX - The fully threaded screw with contraction effect HECO-UNIX with variable thread pitch for quick and gap-free mountings of timber components.

HECO-UNIX the fully threaded screw with contraction effect is available as HECO-UNIX-plus and HECO-UNIX-top

The HECO-UNIX has a full thread with variable pitch which steadily decreases in the centre section and is smaller at the rear thread range than at the tip of the screw.

Thanks to the variable thread pitch of the HECO-UNIX screws the wooden components are pulled together as the screws are driven in. This permits the use of fully threaded screws without jigging the wood components together. Assembly tasks can therefore be completed much more quickly. Thanks to the full thread, components are also fixed in place axially. This prevents the negative effects of creeping und shrinking by wood when using part-thread screws. Furthermore, panels are completely secured even before the head is countersunk leading to a neater finish. Deep countersinking is no longer necessary.



  • Countersunk head with milling grooves (Combi screw head)
  • Pozi-Drive, T-Drive
  • Full thread with variable thread pitch contraction effect
  • Carbon steel, bright zinc plated


  • Tip with Cutting ribs, enabling insertions with small spacings without splitting the timber


  • Toothed thread design, for improved positioning and driving

The advantages at a glance


HECO-UNIX Combi screw head

  • No damage done to the fitting surface
  • Improved milling features in wood due to undercut milling grooves
  • Passive seat in fitting
HECO-UNIX Kombikopf


HECO-UNIX-full threaded

  • Variable thread contracts the components enabling gapless connection even in hard materials
  • The wood thread with variable pitch means that only one thread is cut into the wood
  • Optimal fixing the wood components via the thread
  • Higher loads are achievable as the head does not get pulled through the fixture if the fixture thickness is > 4 x Diameter
  • The HECO-UNIX thread permits full and partial thread applications. This allows a reduction of the product range.


HECO-UNIX "plus" -tip

  • For applications in nylon plugs, natural timber and manmade boards
  • Outstanding pull out performance in plugs and timber
  • Optimum pull-out and over-tightening properties in chipboard
  • Swift positioning, especially on hard surfaces
HECO-UNIX "plus" -Spitze


HECO-UNIX "Topix" -tip

  • For applications in natural timber and glulam
  • Reduced risk of splitting the wood
  • Faster driving thanks to higher thread pitch
  • Swift positioning thanks to optimized tip geometry
HECO-UNIX "Topix" -Spitze


Application examples:

Wood frame construction
Wood frame construction
Securing fittings
Securing fittings
Facade construction
Facade construction
Counter battens
Counter battens
Carcase assembly for furniture and kitchens
Carcase assembly for furniture and kitchens

Assembly Instructions

The gap is clearly visible when screwing into components
The variable section of the HECO-UNIX full thread takes hold
Thanks to the smaller thread pitch, the components are already pulled together at this point
Countersinking the screw head for a neat finish





Produktvideo UNIX