HECO-Concrete screw

HECO®-gauges for MULTI-MONTI®-plus screw anchor

Metal gauge to check the thread diameter of MMS-plus 10 to MMS-plus 20 incase of reusability by temporary fastenings.

Temporary fastenings can be quickly and easily mounted and removed using the MULTI-MONTI®-plus concrete screws. Choose to reuse! Save construction costs with MULTI-MONTI®-plus concrete screws. Our HECO® gauges allow you to quickly and easily measure screw threads and check they are still safe for reuse.


HECO®-gauges for MULTI-MONTI-plus

HECO®-gauges for MULTI-MONTI®-plus screw anchor

  • Material: stainless steel
  • Durable and robust gauge
  • Easy to use

Assembly Instructions

HECO-Anchor OK
Anchor can be reused.
HECO-Anchor Not OK
Anchor fits through the gauge - reuse is not possible


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