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Innovation leader by conviction

Since its foundation in Schramberg in 1888, the HECO brand has stood for innovative and high-quality products and is one of the most important screw manufacturers in Germany. Constant and healthy growth characterises our company just as much as the corporate culture established by company founder Karl Hettich, whose values are still lived today: Inventiveness, diligence and quality awareness.

Over the course of the company's history, we have built up unrivalled product expertise, which our employees apply and expand on a daily basis. We are already establishing tomorrow's standards today, always with the customary HECO quality. Our products can be experienced everywhere in everyday life and always follow our vision: Creating enthusiasm with connections.

Our drive: Creating enthusiasm with connections.

When we talk about connections, we don't just mean our products, but also our partnerships with customers, partners and suppliers. And, of course, with our colleagues, their families and the people in our home region of the Black Forest.

Respect, appreciation, reliability and integrity are the values that guide our actions. We measure ourselves by these values, as managers, as employees and as partners. Our products and their manufacture should also reflect and inspire these values.

All of this drives us. Every day.


We communicate openly and fully, admit mistakes, stick to the facts and are authentic. With this courage to be honest, we earn trust.


Our aim is to generate trust by honouring our commitments. We constantly work towards our goals and take responsibility for our actions. Mutual trust makes us strong.


Respect for our environment guides our actions. We treat our surroundings with tolerance and appreciation. Mindful interaction determines our everyday life.


We stand by our core values and live by them every day. We say what we do and do what we say.

Our locations

We have been at home in the Schramberg region since our foundation in 1888 and feel a lasting commitment to the community and its people. This is why not only our main production site is located here, but also our logistics centre.

Schramberg production site

Our centre of gravity is the large district town of Schramberg in the Black Forest. This former centre of Black Forest watch production has always been home to ingenuity and efficiency, and also to the beginnings of HECO. On an area of 20,000m2, around 400 employees produce innovative fastening products for a wide range of industries and projects.

As a medium-sized family business with a long tradition, we have been shaping the ideal HECO location since 1888. Here we constantly maintain and expand the necessary expertise for the development and production of screws.

Schramberg logistics centre

The HECO logistics centre is the consistent, energy-saving answer to the constantly growing demands for modern and reliable goods and materials management.

commissioned in 2014 in the immediate vicinity of the main plant, it consists of the following areas

  • High-bay warehouse with a height of 20 metres and 5,000 pallet spaces
  • Automated small parts warehouse (AKL) with over 58,000 carton storage locations
  • Generously dimensioned picking and dispatch area

With the construction of the logistics centre, we have significantly increased our storage capacity and optimised our output with the help of state-of-the-art picking technology. The building was designed in such a way that it can be extended by additional sections if necessary. It fulfils the current and future challenges of the market with efficient and highly secure processes.

Production site in Romania

In 2009, we set up a second plant in Câmpia Turzii, Romania, in order to cope with increasing production capacity utilisation. The city has a long tradition in metal processing and is therefore ideally suited. This is demonstrated by the fact that, after five years of operation, we expanded the site with an additional hall and acquired another plot of land in 2016 in order to secure additional room for manoeuvre for the future.

As an EU member state with political stability and good logistical connections, Romania favours a smooth flow of materials and goods between the Schramberg and Câmpia Turzii sites. Our well-trained and highly motivated local staff and our proven quality management system ensure this. That we also successfully fulfil our quality standards in Câmpia Turzii. With its high production volumes, the plant makes a decisive contribution to guaranteeing our reliable delivery readiness and to the overall success of our company.

Facts & Figures

1.5 billion screws p.A.

1.5 billion screws contribute to the success of a wide range of projects in the professional trades every year.

770.000 Quality tests

We set quality standards and develop test procedures that go beyond the legal requirements.

20.000m2 production area

We develop and manufacture innovative fastening products for numerous industries and projects on 20,000 m².

40+ markets

We are active in over 40 markets worldwide with our products, with a focus on Western Europe.

"Many don't realise it. But HECO holds their world together."

Frank Steinke