• Qualitätsmanagement


Better safe than sorry

HECO screws are a byword for safety and reliability in fastening technology across the globe. While it is a badge we wear with pride, it brings responsibilities with it. Our screws are subject to the most stringent quality testing before they are sent out in the world to forge permanent connections. 

The screws undergo their first tests on the production machines. We test random samples on testing stations at regular intervals. The first test data is recorded electronically and sent to the Quality Assurance Department for further analysis. The Quality Assurance team collect further random samples and the screws are subject to close scrutiny, e.g. by means of screw-in tests, micrographs, torque tests, layer thickness measurements and special tests concerning application safety. The finished screws then temporarily leave the site for surface finishing by specialist electroplating companies. On their return, they undergo a final inspection before being released for packaging and dispatch. 

This elaborate quality management system is ensured by an accredited monitoring company according to the current DIN EN ISO 9001, and certified on an annual basis in an extremely rigorous audit. 

Our view of quality is matched by our stance on environmental protection: we want to achieve as much as possible in both areas. We are committed to the conservation of our resources. For this reason, HECO insists on recycling in all areas of its business: lubricating oil, unfortunately unavoidable in our business, is collected in closed systems, cleaned, treated and re-used. We use the same procedure with washing emulsions used to clean the screw blanks. We even utilise the power of our compressors twice over – using the waste heat in Winter for heating purposes. This enables us to save valuable primary energy.

Quality assurance

The employees in the quality assurance department collect further random samples in the factory and scrutinise the screws closely, for example using screw-in tests, micrographs, torque tests, coating thickness measurements and special tests for application safety. The finished screws then leave our premises for a short time for surface treatment in specialised electroplating companies.

Final inspection

Back from the surface treatment, our screws must first pass the final inspection before they are released for packaging and despatch.

HECO ISO 9001 - 2015