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    Our drive

We want to generate enthusiasm with our connections.

At HECO, we have a vision. We want to generate enthusiasm with our connections. With that, we do not just mean connections in the context of our products, but we also strive for fair and cooperative connections with our customers and suppliers. And, of course, we have a close connection with all our colleagues, their families and the people in our Black Forest homeland. 

Respect, appreciation, reliability and integrity are the values on which we base our actions in the process. This is the basis on which we would like our success - as managers, employees and partners - to be measured. We also want our products and the way they are manufactured to reflect these values and generate enthusiasm. 

All of this is what drives us. Each and every day. That is why we have reworked our mission statement, aka "our drive".


We communicate openly and completely, admit to our mistakes, stick to the facts and we are authentic. We earn trust by embracing honesty.


Our aspiration is to generate trust by keeping our promises. We are constantly working on our goals and we assume responsibility for our actions. Mutual trust is what makes us strong.


Respect for our environment dictates our actions. We treat our surroundings with tolerance and appreciation. Mindful interaction is the order of the day.


We stand by our basic values and actively live them every day. We say what we do and we do what we say.