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    Benefit from an appealing presentation of our HECO products at the point of sale and our comprehensive marketing service.

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Order HECO products easily and conveniently on the nexmart information and trade portal - 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

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What is nexmart?

The nexmart specialist portal is a business-to-business platform for trade and industry. It is the industry's largest source of information and at the same time a convenient, digital ordering facility. The aim is to optimise the business processes between specialist retailers and their suppliers. To this end, nexmart is jointly managed and developed by independent representatives from trade and industry.

Order HECO products easily and conveniently online at.

Point of sale

We support you with high-quality, expandable HECO® shelving systems or optimised product presentations for your existing shelves. We are also happy to provide easy-to-install, interchangeable magnetic boards with comprehensive product information.

Packaging labels & packaging

Professional users who consciously opt for a high-quality product attach great importance to correct and comprehensible labelling on the packaging. This ensures safety when purchasing, but also simple and clear identification during use on the construction site.

Whether for trade, craft, industry or DIY - HECO offers you a standardised and comprehensive range of small, industrial and craft packaging. The surface coating ensures that all packaging is moisture-resistant and ideally suited for use on construction sites.

Sales promotions

At regular intervals, we organise time-limited sales campaigns with attractive promotional prices with our retail partners. One component of the sales promotions are eye-catching campaign packages with sales-supporting materials. You can use the clearly presented product arguments for your targeted customer approach.

Your contact for the best connections

Do you have any questions about our services or campaigns? We will be happy to advise you in detail. Please get in touch with your responsible contact person from HECO's internal sales department or your responsible HECO sales representative.