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    Trade Association Activity

Collectively successful – association commitment

The screw – a small piece of metal that provides a great deal of security. We at HECO have put all our knowledge and skill into this little piece of metal so that our customers’ world is just a little bit more secure and reliable. HECO is also glad to pass on and exchange its in-depth knowledge of manufacturing with other market players in order to reinforce the standing of the screw as a quality product on a broad basis. 

To this end, as a professional representative of interests in the commercial and political environment, trade associations provide an ideal platform for the exchange of experiences and ideas. HECO is a member of multiple national trade associations, and contributes to the success of an entire sector with decades of experience and competence.

Fachverband Werkzeugindustrie e.V.

HECO is a full member of the Fachverband Werkzeugindustrie e. V. (Association of German Tool Manufacturers, FWI), which represents around 160 German tool manufacturers and manufacturers of products for constructional fastening technology. The responsibilities of the sector’s trade association include ensuring that approvals and CE markings are used correctly and the drafting and implementation of European approval guidelines. Within the FWI, there are various product- and subject-related work groups and committees. HECO is actively involved with the specialist groups “Construction Fixings Germany” and “Herstellervereinigung Holzschrauben” (association of wood screw manufacturers) and is also represented on the full board by one member.

Deutscher Schraubenverband e.V.

HECO is also a member of the Deutschen Schraubenverband e.V., the German trade association which unites the most prominent German screw manufacturers. The Deutscher Schraubenverband acts as a representative of interests on national and international standard committees, and organises internal association seminars, conferences and workshops on current subjects. Discussion groups and technical panels promote the exchange of opinions and the members' common commercial, technical and academic interests.

Landesfachverband Schreinerhandwerk Baden‑Württemberg 

The demands made of the owner of a carpenter's workshop nowadays are manifold. He is a specialist, executive, business economist, salesman and designer all in one person. The Landesfachverband Schreinerhandwerk Baden-Württemberg (regional specialist trade association of Baden-Wuerttemberg for carpentry) provides its members with support with all these tasks as part of the national trade association of carpenters. HECO is included in the group of official “partners for carpentry” to which more than 90 suppliers belong. All of them work closely with Baden-Wuerttemberg carpenters and, as backers from industry, they contribute financially to maintaining the economic viability and creative power of the carpentry profession in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Zimmerer-Innung Rottweil

The Zimmerer-Innung Rottweil (carpenters’ trade guild) represents the interests of its 30-plus member companies in the Rottweil district and also at national level via the “Holzbauverband” (timber construction association) of Baden-Württemberg. It organises and supervises the vocational training of apprentices and marks their final examinations. The guild offers further education measures and qualifications so that member companies are always up-to-date with state-of-the-art technology. HECO helps sustain the work of the Zimmerer-Innung Rottweil as a supporting member.

Service partner Holzbau Deutschland

HECO has been a service partner of "Holzbau Deutschland" since 2019. By joining, HECO is emphasising its partnership with the carpentry trade. "We are enthusiastic about the enormous efficiency of timber construction. Hardly any other profession has cultivated and passed on the values of precision, accuracy and quality as consistently as the carpentry trade," explains Andreas Hettich, Head of Business Development at HECO. Together, the service partners support the German timber construction companies in the Holzbau Deutschland association organisation with effective measures in the areas of marketing, further training and recruiting young talent. The projects include support for the highly successful national carpentry team, the "Holz kann!" builder-owner portal, the German Timber Construction Award 2019 and the University Award for Timber Construction 2019.